Days of the Yellow Pages are over. We are living in a new era, the high-speed internet era. When someone wants to find your business they no longer look in the Yellow Pages as in days past. The convenience of searching is right at your fingertips, on their mobile phone, on there tablet, on their desktop, or their laptop computers. The internet has made it really fast and easy for people to find what they are looking for, especially a local business. Google has made this possible, and has also made it convenient for local businesses to Showcase their goods and services to their local customers. A Google my business page is vital because it allows local customers to find you when there are in need of your goods and services. This is a service is offered by Google to all local businesses, but if it's not claimed and optimized by you, then it would be like having a blank page inside of a yellow page book.

Why is Google my business so important to a local business. This business listing gives you visibility, credibility, and better search results from the people that are looking for your business. we claim this business listings for you, optimize it, and make it more accessible to the local customers who are trying to find you. In this day and age that we live in, being found online is vital to your business. It shows your local customers you up to date with the times, and you care about them. and making your business available online to them. The bottom line is if you're not found, then your competitors are being found , and that is taking business away from you. The more people that can find your business, the more money your company will generate. So let's get found on Google right now


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